Change price from Stripe subscription


I have an app where users subscribe to a plan

For example, it subscribes the user to a plan that charges $100 every month.
But I have to change the price and now charge $150 every month.

But Stripe tells me that since I already have active users with that price, it can´t be changed.
How can I change the price for both, existing users and for new users.

Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face: :computer:

Hey there @hacker,

I would probably move all your users to a new plan prorated if you can’t change it directly via Stripe. Or read this, I just did a Google search and this was one of the articles that popped up. It may have a solution?

Ohh, okay, thanks, @johnny.

I think that´s the only way since Stripe doesn´t let users change the price of active subscriptions

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