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Change quantity of item and add each separately in shopping cart

Hi forum,

Going mad over this one. I have a shopping Cart for each User that logins to my ecommerce site. I have a table of all the items. Next to each item there is an input box for quantity of that item, 1-9. When the user clicks the “Add to Cart” button, I want it to add 1-9 separate database things for the same item based on the quantity selected. This is so each version of the item can be customized separately further in the checkout process.

I have no idea of how to set this up or the logic of this and my brain is numb searching for a solution. I know I have to schedule an API workflow and, in fact, I just upgraded my account so I can access APIs. However, I have no idea how to set this up.

Can someone help me please?

I know this problem has been discussed in this forum in at least 3 separate threads, and I read them 2 months ago when I first got to this problem. But I put off upgrading my account 2 months and now I can’t find those threads anywhere.

Thanks for your assistance!

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Anybody? Wish I’d booked marked the other threads can’t find them anywhere.

Just need to know how to do this:

Screenshot (149)

Customer chooses a quantity of the product, then clicks the “add to cart” button to the right.

I want this to create 8 separate order items in the shopping cart.

I know i have to run an API call to do this. But how?