Change Status Based On Date

I am trying to change the display text of the status of a milestone task when it’s current due date is equal to the current date. The due date has a day and time, but I want the status to show “Due Today” the entire day it’s due, not just after the specific due date time.

I don’t need to change the status in the database for any purpose really, just to change the text on milestone task from “Upcoming” to “Due Today”. The day after the task is due the status will need to change to “Past Due”.

It seems straightforward, but I can’t get it to work. Maybe I need to do a backend workflow, which I don’t know how to do yet.

This is what I have so far:

just use option sets its perfect for this scenario

It is an option set already. I just can’t get the milestone due date to match the current date. The text resolves to “No” for some reason. I guess that means error?

have you tried inspecting it?

Hey there, the date formatting is different, you need both the be formatted the same, like formatted at 12/12/12 , doesn’t matter which format, just has to be the same, otherwise they won’t match :slightly_smiling_face:

Silly mistake, however it is still evaluating as No where it should say Due Today, so something is off. Could it be becuase it is not also matching the time? Should I extract day?

Make sure the format is just date only, so it doesnt evaluate the time?

I fixed it by just removing the expression in Text box to just plain text “Due Today”. I guess it didn’t like the Option Set format.

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Due date equals rounded down to day:Current date time is all you need for the condition.

Your text expression is equal to Parent group's Milestone's Milestone-status is Due Today. That’s a yes/no statement, hence it will display yes or no. You need to display Parent group’s Milestone’s Milestone-status’ Display

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I get it now. Makes sense. Thank you.