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Change time format from API

Guys i have API connector getting JSON format data from my external database. I have there date format but it starts with etc

if i use it in my repeating group and display it as text - it shows empty places at those dates that exceeds 12 at first position. I mean it thinks that at first position is month not days… and i can’t figure out where to fix it.

I can import it as text ( not date from API) and then use format in displaying and it works cool… but i want to compare this date /time with datetime picker by bubble… and as i understand it can’t compare it with text. Everything works if i get JSON data as date but it won’t show me text if there mistake with days/month occur. Can i change it somewhere beside external database?

You need to set the type in API Connector to Date. Bubble will try to parse the date. If it doesn’t work, I suggest you to send your own payload with a date like 31.12.22.
If you get it parsed correctly, you will be able to use :formatted as function.

If for some reason you can’t parse the date from the API then there’s a plugin that takes text and converts it to date (think it’s just JS, so if you’re handy with it you could just do that yourself).