Date format via API Call


Is there any way when I receive a date through an external API, I can get it in European format? dd/mm/yyyyyy

If I set the data type to date in the call, it saves it in mm/dd/yyyy format.

Dates are stored all in the same way in the database.
You can display them in any format you want by using “formatted as” (documentation)

I don’t get it. Look from the API call i received this data:

Then after, I get that data to an date picker:

And the result in the front page is this:

As you can see, the data that I’m receiving from the API call is 9 Sept 1990, but in the front is showing 9 June 1990, so that mean the format stored in the database is not the same.

The only solution I found was to get the data from the API Call as text, and place it the front as i get it, but I would like to avoid this.

Ok, I was talking about how to display it in another format.
For parsing incoming dates there is no way you can change how bubble is parsing them.
You can store a date as text and then use more logic to parse it as you want and transform it in a date, but of course it requires more effort on your side.

Usually it’s good practice to send dates in simplified ISO format (eg. 2023-01-10T16:36:53.228Z) so that the automatic parsing works as expected.

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