Changed Questions everyday


I want to have Questions for the day and their answer.
Means everyday their will be new question to be asked to the users
For now, I have set the workflow as :
a) When page loads : popup question will appear

b) After answering the question and then click on submit button - answer will appear,
if user select the wrong answer it will appear like this -
and for correct answer it will appear like this -

The questions should change automatically everyday and their answer too.
For e.g - Today question have asked and answer is given by the user then the next question should be asked on next day. This cycle goes on.

Problem is, I am not understanding how should set a workflow for this, which should change the questions/answer on daily basis and also once you have given the answer for that day, then popup should not appear again.

Please let me know if anybody has a solution.
Thanks in advance

Does any one have solution for this?