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Show next on RG consumes paid workflow - any work around for questionnaire?

Hi guys!

Part of my website’s onboarding requires a series of questionnaires. Every user will have to answer at least 20 questions. I’ve done this via a fixed cell repeating group, and with every answer, it scrolls to the next question. I’ve noticed every one of these consumes a new workflow, which is going to be quite taxing.

Are there any work arounds to this that I can use to save some workflows? I feel like if I displayed, say, 5 questions at a time, it would cut the workflows by a fifth? But it then would be significanly worse a UI.

Any tips/tricks/something I’m missing?


What is the specific action that is considered a workflow run? Providing more details would make it easier to see if it can be optimized.

Here is the list of workflows that occur when a user clicks an answer to the question:

The ‘Make Changes to User’ only occurs when the question answered is the last question in the list. I was hoping that, therefore, the only database call (and thus paid workflow) would happen for the last question only.

Have you tried isolating the “Show next” action to verify that it consumes a workflow count?

@Scott Good call. After cloning the page and isolating things, it seems like the workflows that occur conditionally are what cause the paid workflows (not the Next on the RG).

At first I thought that was because I was checking them based off doing a search for the last question, which I thought was my “Aha, you idiot!” moment. But then I changed it, adding a Yes/No to each question for “Last?” and then triggering the conditonals off whether that is a Yes or not. I thought that would work, seeing that info is inherently in the question that its already loaded. But that still seems to consume a workflow.

A potential work around I can think of is having a Custom State counter on the RG that increments everytime a question is answered, and then maybe it can trigger my conditionals based off when that custom state reaches the total amount of questions?


I tried the above fix, and it still didn’t work. I’ve determined, however, that the specific cause of the issue is this:

BAI’s Count is a custom state. This workflow seems to take up a paid workflow everytime I run the Workflow its attached to, even when it doesn’t trigger (in the case of it not being the 21st count).

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