Changes to how we charge for applications going forward

Yep, this for sure… this will mean app builders will have to deliberately limit and restrict certain essential features from their apps just to make sure they don’t hit their data limits.

I’ve got apps on the personal plan (non-commercial apps that don’t make me any money directly) which will be close to needing to upgrade to Production with the new prices…

This new pricing might be fine for commercial apps generating a lot of revenue (our current main app probably won’t be affected much), but for people looking to build tools for internal business use, or personal/small business projects it pretty much takes Bubble off the list of viable tools to consider as far as I can see. Either that or use it knowing you’ll have to limit the features of what you’re building (which seems pretty pointless to me).

Gonna have to completely rethink my plans for app builds for the future (or look at other tools - it never hurts to expand your skill-set anyway I guess)…


Bubble, you really shit the bed on the db limits on this one. Time to move our db to an external one I suppose. Unless your going to start limiting API calls, too?

What a disgusting update.


Hey all - Just wanted to jump in quickly to clarify, the metric we’re using is total database things, calculated at the end of each calendar month. It is not a measure of the additional database things you add each month. We’ll update the screenshot accordingly.

I also want to take a moment to respond to feedback as we do hear your concerns, and thank you for bringing up these points. When we decided on the limits for each plan, we based it off of the metrics of our existing users such that the majority of our users would stay within their existing plan.

Bubble was initially built without a database things limit, which likely contributed to how users have constructed their current databases. Nonetheless, we recognize that some existing users may be worried about how this limit will impact them. That’s why we’re grandfathering our existing paid users until the end of the year, so you can adjust your metrics. Moreover, we’ll also reach out to users far above their limits to help select a custom plan that works best for their case!



As a long-standing power user, I have to say I’m concerned the limits are too low.

This update also doesn’t give long-standing power users enough information to assess the impact of the price changes. Please can you provide a breakdown of the overage costs for professional/production apps? Our database is larger than 200k so we need this information at a minimum to assess the impact of these changes.

Can you also provide the capacity units breakdown for the current plans. We need this information to see how much the new plans upgrade capacity from the existing plans.

I have to say that grandfathering old users for just 9 months feels too short. Many of us have spent years building our apps on Bubble and have supported the ecosystem to get you where you are today.

Bubble has a thriving community and it feels like this has completely out of the blue with no feedback. It’s a kick in the teeth for loyal users.

Update: Please vote in the poll here, we need Bubble to see the feedback on the changes:


I share the overall negative sentiment regarding database limits – However, I am having trouble considering an alternative metric for them to track. In other words, I don’t like the database limits… but not sure what they’d replace it with to make this a constructive conversation.


And please note that cleaning a database with workflows is so slow that it is almost andoable


Regarding the cost of overages, on the screenshot implies it will be $20 per month for a 5,000 record overage, which equates to around $0.05 (5 cents) per overage record per year. This will make Bubble tremendously more expensive for apps that require storing meaningful data in Bubble. For example a 100,000 record overage will be around $5,000 annually.


To clarify:
Total database things = all database things and , not on a monthly basis?


Hey @grace.hong

Thanks for the clarification but you really need to know your buyer persona and I´m sure you do.

The normal behavior of this will be going to an external database since it´s too much complicated the new pricing and super higher expensive.

Hope you take a deep breath and take a look to the customers problems and instead of adding new ones you take off some of them.

I cannot believe this is happening actually.


Wow… I can just begin to imagine how people will sacrifice database design/efficiency over money.
Tables with hundreds of fields instead of sub-tables… Huge JSON records to compress hundreds of records at once…

Then hundreds of complaints that Bubble is so slow…


The issue with this is a lot of users are building apps on bubble with the intent of growing / scaling so if you are only looking at the current not the future (say 24 months from now) this might really come back to bite your company.
If you want users to move off of storing in your DB so that will reduce your costs then I think you will succeed in that.


Bubbles USP has just been removed, and was the reason a lot of users moved/created apps in bubble. Surely you realise that you have screwed apps with a large database?


We have to store a record for a long time, this doesn’t seem right !



Literally save everything in one table.


Oh this would make sense, I started to freak lol


As someone who spends a decent amount of time trying to help folks in the forum, I anticipate having to say things like, “Well, I probably would have done it this way, but given the new database limits, be prepared to pay a lot more if you go that route.” Ooh, fun.


These database limits are insanely low, unless you are just playing around or only use bubble as a front end for fetching external api data you’ll be hitting limits left and right.

To me this really cements this platform as an MVP testing ground only and if you want to run a real SaaS move off as quick as possible.


Oh man, this is great! Thank You founders, Saas mode can now be achieved at the $359 price point versus $529. This is huge… I can kick my CRM to the curve and offer white-label version for the sub-accounts.

Biggest news of the year!!! Super stoked to get going. BIG THANK YOU!!!

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Do we have a way at least to know our number of things all tables included ? I am not sure


Are you kidding? This just made Bubble more or less unusable for making state of the art applications. 25k records on a PROFESSIONAL plan?!? 25k records… This will totally wreck our application and destroy our business. Thanks a lot, bubble… Maybee it is time to look at other solutions out there :frowning: That is so sad, because I really like bubble… From a guy that has been on profession plan for 3 years.