Pricing change is on pause for now

UPDATE 3/21/22: View the latest conversations here: Pricing: continued discussion / community trust

and here: Pricing: the path forward from here

Hi all,

I want to emphasize that we are putting our plans to change pricing on pause until we finish going through all the feedback we’re getting from the community, and update our plans accordingly. We’ve already agreed as a team that the plan as originally presented is not what we are going to do. We will post further updates as we work through the feedback and take it into account.

We know that there are two main concerns here:

  • The details of the new pricing, especially around how expensive the new DB things limits would be.

  • The idea that we’re suddenly changing the platform out from under you in a way that could make your business no longer viable.

On the first concern, we hear you loud and clear, and we are working through the best way to address it.

On the second concern, I want to reiterate that we are committed to making this work out okay for you all. Many of our users are entrepreneurs, and as founders ourselves, we get how important predictability in your cost model is, and how scary it is for a key piece of your business to change out from under you. Specifically:

  • We will continue listening to your feedback. We clearly under-researched this change, but we are extremely open to hearing from the community and are taking everything you say into account

  • For any change we make, we’ll find a way to make it work for our current set of users so that we aren’t driving anyone out of business or off the platform

We’ll continue to post updates; please stay tuned.


Thanks @emmanuel!

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Perfect reaction - if you guys have several ideas - let the users vote in the end - will also help you guys get more paid plans.

Pricing is always about value understanding - so if your team knows what values the most to the user - make the pricing out of it.

(I sold value based, subscription based and member based → In the end everyone just looked at their own value and what we showed them)


Yeah, +1 with @buero. If the community gets the say via a poll or something similar, then hopefully not as many users will be complaining about it :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Love this. Thank you for listening! @emmanuel


I like the quick decision. I feel at ease now. I’m sure this is tough for you and the bubble team. I think you’ve handled this well. Thank you @emmanuel!


:pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:

Instead of relying on feedback of only active members of community, which requires us to share our unique opinions through continued presence on the forum, can you please conduct an email survey of ALL active bubble users.

At least those on paid plans



btw, I think most of us are open to pay more, if it’s a way to solidify bubble and consequently our apps… But those row limits are unacceptable…


Thanks @emmanuel. Don’t break your bank, same time don’t make us bankrupt. Look at what is doing. make the platform to next level, may be you should offer a second platform for new users and maintain your existing base.

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Absolutely. Price raise is fine, if that is needed. So much of that is happening right now due to inflation anyway. Completely different than a rework of the entire pricing model.


Humm… ok. Let’s pray for a non crazy solution this time.


@emmanuel, I think you should consider closing this post and this one with a link to this thread. Those threads are likely to keep going and cause confusion because lots of folks won’t see your update here and will think the changes are going to happen.

Just food for thought.



Yes! I agree with Mike… it should’ve been just one post. Organization purposes…

EDIT: Thanks @josh!

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Thanks @emmanuel & @josh :wink:

Thank you for putting this on hold. However, I must admit, I’m still quite rattled by the announcement. @josh @emmanuel


@emmanuel I would also send out another email with an update with the same sentiment. The original email is driving people to the first forum link and people are still panicing.

Glad that the community has been heard and that most importantly the Bubble team and founders can listen and pívot, hopefully in the right direction. Fingers crossed on this one.


Man, we were heard on Mars.