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Changes to our free plan


I fail to see how it is Bubble’s fault that you didn’t read the limitations of each plan. They were very transparent about the change to the free hobby plan. As you found out even the legacy hobby plan had limitations. Part of building an app is planning ahead for expenses. Launching an app on Bubble with a custom domain has always required users to upgrade to a paid plan. They bill themselves as a free no code app builder. Not a free no code app hosting company.

While I agree that there needs to be an intermediate plan it is not their fault you failed to read, understand and plan for the costs associated with building an app. For $29 a month you get an amazing amount of power and flexibility that would cost you exponentially more with traditional coding.


Idk what you read. I said “I can’t deploy it to live”

On the Hobby Plan, you could Deploy it for free but now you can’t.

Good news is bubble just raised 100 million (I believe a week or two ago) so maybe the plans will get better.

I use to use a game engine called unity when it first launched it cost $200 a month which was way to much for a hobbies such as myself. After about a year or two they made a few changes, they opened up the asset store where users could create tools (this brings them a huge amount of revenue) and they created pro plan (which might be 1,500 a year) for large groups who make over a certain amount and last but not least a free version where you can deploy to desktop, mobile and a few others for free (unless you port to Xbox, PlayStation I believe you need a pro account).

Because they had a good product they scaled quickly and was able to offset the cost (free for hobbiest), and pro for professionals (unreal engine also adapted this tragedy) along with the assets store, they are considered the one of the 2 top engines in the world. Also indie developers also become pro members. The hobbiest will probably always be hobbiest but they contribute to the marketplace (bubble store/asset store) to create a win win for everyone. The asset store /marketplace whatever you decide to call it can do a profit split between the store hosting (bubble) and the developer who created the asset.

My hope is that bubble finds their way and can create something like this.

I myself as an indie developer spent a lot of money in the unity asset store because I wanted to save time developing whatever project I was working on (some did ok, some where flops) but it was affordable enough for me to continue the hobby I liked to do (sure wish I made enough to become a pro developer).

Tutorials were always free (and f you wanted to pay you’d go to udemy), this made the barrier to entry easier which meant more indies which meant more sales which meant more future studios and pro members a very nice ecosystem.

I’ve seen some templates for bubble and the pricing is scary $200 and up. Which I’m my opinion kills the ecosystem (for those who truly want to get in and learn, the developer will probably make less in the long run), don’t get me wrong I can see that kind of pricing if you were building drag n drop node system that users could use instead of the current no code system.

I think I got off tangent lol…

Anyway that’s my 2 cents
How do you build a thriving Ecosystem that rivals the competitors which enables you to get better (look at the ones who have already done it like unity (asset store), etc…, model and improve), I’m sure there’s a balance somewhere it might even be developing something independent so bubble doesn’t incur the cost of hosting.

As a user I want the tool and can deal with my own domain and hosting issues. I don’t know if others feel that way but at least it would take some of the weight off of bubbles shoulders (would then only need to create a system to make it easy for us to link to our database along with some tutorials).

I’m a hobbiest who’s hoping to not be a hobbiest someday but if the barrier to entry is to steep (then you wind up losing people), having a free edition let’s hobbiest continue to grow get better develop more solid projects and when one becomes a hit and they are actually now making money they have to become pro members.

Another option is to open up the programming side for tools etc… which would help the ecosystem they develop the tools user purchase them to make their lives easier to create no code apps (others have done the same to improve tools that could be purchased).

Maybe my next project can be an asset store with indie products at affordable prices?

One last note about being able to deploy live, that’s how you iterate early, then make changes and iterate some more with testers (after that I would get a pain plan to launch, so in essence it would be great to go live for testing and iteration processes (with a limit of say 5 users) but if you get over so many users then your not testing anymore you should have to move to a paid plan).

Take care everyone!
I’d like to be in for the long run even though I’m late to the party.

Ooops. I have semi-dormant project I have just been watching take $29/mo out of my checking account. So I downgraded to free assuming it was still going to work but losing my custom domain, adding back bubble branding, and maybe some dev tools. But lo and behold, I now discovered it won’t publish live so I can’t continue to get public feedback on getting it back to an active product status for me. Long story short… this kind of stinks for me and I had no idea you made such a change in pricing that impacted existing projects being downgraded… I do wish when I was downgrading you provided more info on the new limitations in FREE.

Hey Sean,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Just to confirm, when you switched back to the Free plan, did you not see this warning? (If not, we need to fix a bug somewhere!)

Droga, vou ter que aprender a usar o AppGyver agora