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Changes to our free plan

I’m learning from a udemy course and im unable to deploy a live version following the course, I think bubble has amazing value and that it is important for bubble to get paid for further development.

But at least give us a few hours per week or months or even on a per app basis for us to test out the available functions since they could be important for designing the app , a beta live version before actual deployment could also allow people to collect data and push for bug fixes.


Thanks for the update and the transparency! Long live Bubble, that’s what we all want! So I guess changes like that are necessary :slight_smile: (even if it means that I won’t be able to use Bubble for some of my projects.


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All good with the changes - how do I find out exactly what is impacted… for example in my app on the hobby (legacy) plan - I can no longer confirm a user on signup via email confirmation… has this been changed?

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This was definitely not something impacted by this update. You might want to create a new thread to debug the issue.


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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

To be honest, I was surprised that this didn’t happen sooner. :slight_smile:

Hi @emmanuel

I understand the need to get as much as possible paid apps.
But, the step to 29 dollar/month is a to big step for a lot of new apps to make.

For example I’m teaching my 10 year old son to build his own app.
In that way they learn very early to think instead of consuming (watch different screens) :wink:

Now he want to put his app live, but we need to pay far to much for something likt this.
If there was a option to pay 50 dollar/year I would do that directly.

Please think about introducing a lite version that contains Live but is a lot cheaper than the Personal plan.

Thanks a lot!

Right there with you, @mjkosten. I’ve actually got an idea out there regarding the need for a more affordable “entry level” plan in case you want to “vote” on it.

I like the transparency, but I am a 17yo doing pro bono web development, and I am not ready to pay $20 a month for what IS basic functionality. How are we to actually use our apps without access the app itself. I know that scaling is expensive, but find a balance between usability and expense. Bubble has great potential, and I hope to find that in the future, changes will be made to be more affordable.

Might I recommend backendless or appgyver for a free(er) and free solution

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