Changing chat messages from unread to read status by hover

Hi, everyone!

I was able to build a simple 2-user chat im my marketplace app. I created 2 data types: chat messages and conversations. What I want to do now is introduce an alarm system when a user receives as new message. For this purpose I introduced a read yes/no field for the chat message data type. Ideally, I would want the status to change from read to unread simply by hovering over the chat message cell in the repeating group, but the conditional formatting doesn’t give me that option.

It would be great to hear how somebody else dealt with this issue.

Have a great day everyone!


You could make it similar to Bubble’s notification system in the Editor. When you click the Icon the workflow runs to make the changes. You could also make the changes when the page loads if you have a page specifically for notifications

Don’t think you’ll be able to change the data on a Hover because of the data being in a repeating group

Yeah, I decided to go with the page load option, so everytime my user opens his conversation page all the chat messages in that conversation are listed as read. Would be nice though if Bubble added the ability to make changes to things with the conditional formatting window.
Thanks a lot for your input!