Changing Data and Changing another users data

So I am trying to change a piece of data when a person clicks a button. But I cannot figure out what to use. I am trying to use Change a Thing but it says I am trying to change a field. And I want to know how can I change another users data.

You need to specify a specific data type in the top field. In this case, a specific user. Then you can choose which fields you want to change, using the fields below.


But I want to change another users data, not the current user. @stone

Sort of a button that would change someones user data and set the data Admin to yes from no

@jackatk862 Sure, just put that user in the field where the “Current User” is now.

One way to do this is have a repeating group list of users, then have a button in each cell. Then put current cells user in that top field.