Changing password, password requirements

Hi folks,

I have created a functionality for my user’s to change their password. However, I am struggling to implement a feature where the user won’t be able to set the “New” Password as their current password.

For example, if my current password is 123 and I submit the form like so:

Current Password: 123
New Password: 123
Confirm Password: 123

There should be an error “Your new password cannot be the same as your current password.”. Unfortunately I can’t discover how to create this feature in bubble easily.

I don’t think bubble gives access to the current password, but I found this in the bubble docs:

Check password for the current user

This action checks a value against the ‘Current user’s password.’ If the password is correct, the workflow continues. Otherwise, it stops and displays a message to the user. Use this to validate the password before an important operation, such as deleting an account.


Define which tentative password should be checked. Usually, it comes from an input element.

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