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Changing the app id

I named my app but then I decided to rename it.
However when I click on it to edit it, it’s the old name that appears as the app id.
How can I change it ?

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Hey @bonjourbenny :wave:

Thanks for the post and great question! App names are used for indexing purposes on Bubble’s side, so they cannot be changed once the app is created. However, once you’re on a custom domain and your DNS is configured, the app name won’t actually be visible to your end users.

If you are looking to change your app’s name, one workaround would be creating a copy of your existing app with the new app name that you’re looking to update to. However, if your app is currently on a paid plan or has any plugin licenses, please do keep in mind that those cannot be transferred to the new app.​

Feel free to reach out to us directly at [email protected] with any additional questions.

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