How to change the app name?

We changed the name of our startup and I’d like to reflect it in the app name and address. How can I do it?

Can you copy the app from the main app dashboard ? Copy to the new name ?

It did the trick but lost the traffic history… Not that it was any too significant… :stuck_out_tongue:

Am guessing support could have done it and not lost history ?

It’s actually a tricky operation (for backend, database reasons) that we don’t support yet. However, as soon as you’re on your own domain, your users won’t see the app name at all.


Mkay. The copied app is buggy, has some excess pages and I’m unable to edit others. So, yea. Continuing with the original one.
About the own domain. I’d start using it pronto, but I need to know how you deal with email and mailboxes once the domain has been directed to you. I have the forwarders and mailboxes already set up and in use…

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You don’t need to do anything re email, except updating the DNS records so that your app can send emails using your domain name. Bubble doesn’t handle mailboxes, etc.

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That’s what I guessed. So how would I go on forwarding the site traffic to bubble and keeping the email and other services at my current hosting provider(inmotion), considering that the domain registrar is again a third party.
What settings and where would need to be changed?

Just update the DNS settings that you get in the editor when you set up a domain. You’ll be all set then.

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not sure if that would work, if they update the DNS settings the e-mail etc. services will also be routed to Bubble, won’t they? Maybe they should set up a single webpage with an iframe or something to host the bubble page (you only see a single URL then though on the browser), but not sure if Bubble allows hosting its sites in IFRAME or not (if you don’t allow it, maybe you should check if the site is a paid one and do allow it for those)

also, some hosts may have option to just redirect the HTTP traffic to Bubble (that is keep your current DNS settings and change some setting just for the website at CPANEL or something). The other way arround could be for Bubble to have option to redirect all non-HTTP traffic back to elsewhere, but not sure if that would cost in bandwidth for Bubble or mean the data travels till Bubble and back (which some users may not want to)

Bubble only requires you to modify the @ record for a custom domain, not the MX record. Thus, email is not affected. My Bubble site has a custom domain and uses Gmail for business email.


Yup, it was just as easy. Thanks!

Can still be seen has this been solved?


I also encountered the same challenge; I would like to update the name of the app.
I copied them, but then I dont have access anymore to the paid plugins.
Is there a different solution?

Thank you

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I am also looking for a solution for this :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Nikw, I checked some other discussions but it seems not possible. You can copy your work, and create another app with the same structure - which you could then rename.
However I bought for instance a Plugin which are not transferable so then I would need to buy it again if I want to use it for the copied new named app.

This is what I know now, but happy to hear from others that I am not right!



Me too.

Hi Emmanuel,

I am on a paid plan on my app domain. The only place that users still see my “App name” is in the “Reset Password” email in the “From” section.
Is there any way to change this?

PS: Loved your interview with Jason Calacanis on TWIST. That’s how I found Bubble and have now started my own company all based on an app built here. Thanks for everything you are doing.


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Hey @gokulmadan2 - I’m having the same issue, I just wanted to ask if you were able to find a solution? Thanks!

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Unfortunately I don’t think this is possible right now.