Changing the language of the site using URL parameters


I try to create an app with 2 different languages using the URL parameters, but I have an issu.

Example (select a text, go to condition and set 2 separate conditions “Get language from page URL is en_us/fr_fr.” The thing is that I cannot set the translation to all of my pages. It is only set on the “index” page.

On the workflow it is set to: “When button French or English is clicked…” > Step 1 > Go to page (destination) index. [send more parameters to the page => KEY: language = fr_fr/en_us.

Do you know how to set everything to one language for the entire site and then change it when it is clicked on the other button [french/english]?

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I had the same issue to figure out a solution. easiest is to just store a value for the current user in the data base. like a cookie. with this solution you can keep your conditions but just need to change the “when” logic.


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Thank you so much for your help!

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