Language changes

I’ve built a landing page where I have a forms that the user will fill out with their contact

I’m looking for a way of changing the website’s language using a flag on the corner.

I’ve tried using a repeating group where the user has a language column referring on setting language tab, but as i’m not creating an user, i can’t use this cuz there no user to make changes - my LP

how could i change the page language when the user click the flag? (only 2 languages, portuguese and english)

Hi @samantha.saldanha :wave:

Create a custom state in your page called “Language” and a workflow to change this custom state value if bathe user clicks the flag.

Now, let’s say that every texts in the page are in English. Place a condition in every text element to change it’s value if your custom state “Language” is “Portuguese”.

You know how to do it?

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I’ll try this!

Savior!! It worked perfectly, thanks!

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