Changing the layout order selection based on condition

Hi everyone, I am searching for a method by which i can change the element order selection from Make first to Make last when the condition current use language is Arabic like shows below


This will save me a lot of time of creating different groups just to rearrange elements based on the page language. Any ideas?


i was able to find the solution. see this video


Hello, I know that you already found a solution for your problem, but in case you want to change the order for a single element, you could add to your HTML > style tag the following:
order: X !important;
You should replace the “X” with a number that represents the last order of your row + 1, so it will go straight to the end;


Hello Gabriela,

I have a group of 6 image elements. I would like to make their position dynamic when they are not visible.

For instance, if there is any hotels counted is my database, the hotel image will not be visible and restaurants image should take the first position.
Please see below a screen of my group, image elements and html element with conditional code.


Unfortunately, I can’t make it work! Could you please advise ?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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