Make first/last dynamically

I’m building out my responsive design and I’m trying to achieve this for larger screen widths:

And this for narrower screen widths:

I could put each input and text box pair in a row element to get the text to rap down below but the order is different. What I mean but that is in the wider screen view, Input 1 is before “Some text” with respect to these buttons:

In the narrower screen view, Input 1 is after “Some text”

Bubble does not give you the option to have a conditional like "when screen<1000 px, this element is first.

I’m wondering if anyone has a clever solution to this.

I know one solution would to just change one of the wireframe’s design so that the order is switched, but for reasons that are too long to explain, I can’t do that.

Also, I know I could technically achieve this with repeating groups where I create some dummy data type and then the cell is filled with both the input and the text box and then they are conditionally shown/hidden but this is super hacky.

I’m looking for hopefully a more elegant solution.

Thanks in advance

Nevermind. Found the solution here:
Reverse element positions on mobile - Quick tip! - Tips - Bubble Forum