Chart Element 1st of January at wrong place

Hi, happy new Year! I have a question about the chart element, and a problem that arose with the new year.
As you can see in the pictures, the new data, the previews/ downloads of today (1/1/24) is shown as the first number, in front of 12/31/23. How can i fix that?

Are you sure you want to group by Date and not by Day? Group by date, as it says, requires the date be the same to the millisecond. Day means a 24 hour period.

Oh date is actually a data field i made because I fell into the problem you discribed when I used the creation date.
I have allready fixed the Problem… :slight_smile:
The format of Date I choose was the problem, I changed it from 1/01/24 to Jan 1, 24, now it works.
Thanks for the reply tho!