Chart Element X Axis formatting


I need some help.

I’m using Chart Element to plot values over time. The result I have so far is as follows.

Please note that the “distance” between the first point (Jul, 19th) to the next one (Aug, 15th) (span in days close to a whole month) is the same distance when we compare Aug 29th to Aug 28th (just 1 day span).

Is it possible to plot data proportionally to the date instead of a direct representation of the point ID#???

If this is not possible with this component, do you have any idea of other component that behaves as I need?

Another doubt is regarding the “Y” values… Is it possible to configure manually the higher and lower boudaries instead of the graph doing this automatically based on the Y values of the series?


What’s the dynamic data statement for your chart’s data source?

If you’re using :grouped by and grouping by a date, there’s a checkbox that says do not skip empty groups - make sure it’s checked. This should fix the problem of uneven distribution on the X-axis.

There’s a way to bound the graph max and min values on other plugins like ApexCharts.js - Charts and Graphs Plugin | Bubble (this is a paid one tho)