Chart from row instead of Column

I’m trying to create a bar chart that each column value from 1 row represent a bar.

I see all the options grab 1 column and depending on the row they create a new bar.

I’d filter the “search on” to just have 1 result and pick values from 4 diffrent columns to generate each bar with each number from specific column.

Ended up using a custom HTML Chart with Chart.js library :slight_smile:

I am currently looking at a very similar situation, which each LINE should be coming from one ROW, with data points stored in the same row but different column. May I know if you’d share how you need to do to make it work? I have the same plugin now but figured that there’s not much instruction in setting it up. Appreciate that @Clasicwebtools !

an example of my current design…
name1 score1 score2 score3 score4
name2 score1 score2 score3 score4
name3 score1 score2 score3 score4

@finn.rothacker I ended up creating the html in a plugin. Custom Bar Chart for Row Plugin | Bubble

Let me know if it works for you. I can help you set it up.

thanks and appreciate that!
I should have contacted you before I made the purchase :frowning:
however, would there be any chance this could be done in a Line graph instead? but to be honest I am happy with it too if there’s no other easy way to display it :smiley: