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Need help: using the bar chart plugin

I need help using the bar chart plugin.
I am trying to display Data for each Day of the month.
Day 1 - 300
Day 2 - 200
Day 3 - 50

I cannot figure how to implement this and display It on a 30 bar chart.
Then I would like the Data to be Dynamic and pulled from the DB.
It is possible. How?
Thanks for your help

I would suggest creating a datatype called Day with fields Day and Value.

Then in the workflow you will create a new thing Day and set Day = Day x and Value to value x.

Then for the chart element:
Chart Type: bar
Data Type: day
Data Source: search for days
Value Expression: current point’s value
Label Expression: current point’s day

See here:


I added an animation on Save to show the bar chart updating.

Do you know if theres a way to animate only the new bar (that you’ve saved) so that it animates upwards like it does on load?

Thanks @strang22 for your quick reply.
I will try that.

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See the app now. Instead of “creating a new thing” I changed it to “make changes to a thing (create new if it doesn’t exist)” based on the thing’s name. Bubble updates values in real time, so you don’t have to refresh or add animations. Does that make sense?


would there be a way to do this from an existing table? I currently have data, if using days and values as an example is set up in this way:

There are 8 days and each of those 8 days are columns with the 8 values in each row.

My current problem is I cannot convert columns to rows with how the set up is right now.

Any suggestions?