Chart not stretching

Ive been using the chart.js plugin throughout my app with great success.

However recently, and without doing any updating to the live app, none of my charts are stetching. They stay at the minimum width.

Have I stumbled into a bug?

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I’m having the same problem.
When I put a border around it stretches but the graph itself doesn’t stretch to the full width.

@Shan @dc.rubble

Yes. Please report it as a bug.

There are others facing the same issue with no response from @bubble yet.

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I will report it to Bubble right now. It sounds like this bug just came up?

It started happening today. Yeah.

Ok, I reported the bug. Hopefully, they fix it soon

Glad its not just me then. Thanks people

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I also have the same issue.

Same issue here - anyone come up with a fix?

@peter23 Still waiting on Bubble to fix it.

The Bubble gods have fixed it :slight_smile:

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really? I just ran into the issue today

Have anyone found the way to have responsive bar chart?