Use default chart plugin to create percentage donut?

Has anyone had any success using a donut chart to represent a percentage of 100? Really any way to accomplish this with a circular graph would be helpful, but donut would be ideal. Help!

Hey Richard,

I just started working with Chart.JS (not the plugin) just using it in an HTML element and it’s working out well. Check out and they have some examples there that can help!

I have tried that and it seems like it doesn’t respond well to responsive in Bubble. I’m not sure if I’m just doing it wrong, but it always gives me problems… Have you experienced that as well?

Do you mean responsive in terms of page/window sizing? Or responsive in terms of clicks and hovers?

I think in the newest version chart.js adds more controls over sizing issues. I have seen some odd sizing issues within bubble’s HTML element overall, but it’s not too bad.

@david17 Yes, I’m talking about size responsiveness. I have no problem rendering the initial chart (quite beautifully in fact) but as soon as the window resizes the chart disappears. Ended up going with a plugin for the other chart that this was happening just for time conservation, but I do want to eventually figure this out to use in more advanced charting applications.

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