Chart Specify Min Max X-Y values for Axes

Is there a way that I can specify the maximum and minimum x and y values for the chart axes ?

Hi @sarieddine.marwan :slight_smile: If you are trying to display a set of data between a minimum and maximum, one way may be to add those constraints to the data source search? Or is this different from what you’re looking to set up?

thank you @fayewatson - no I don’t want to constrain the data I am displaying, I want the chart - specifically the y-axis to start at 100,000 instead of 0 since my values are 100,000.1, 100,000.5, and so forth,
and currently the chart looks like a horizontal line - but if I could change the y-axis min, max labels then I can solve this

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Ah, got it! I don’t think this is currently possible with the Bubble charts plugin unfortunately, but it may be with the premium amCharts plugin. It looks like minimum/maximum functionality was added recently in this update:

There is also a video about this here on the amCharts site under “Stacked and Grouped Buyer Transactions Over Time”, where 50,000 is the minimum value on the y-axis.

That’s what I suspected - thank you for confirming this. I am hesitant to use the amCharts plugin - would be great if the bubble charts plugin gets an update - it could use a lot more of added functionality

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No problem at all :slight_smile: Yes, I agree - that would be helpful to have in the Bubble charts plugin!

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Btw - here is another issue I found with the Bubble charts plugin:

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Hi @sarieddine.marwan - you can control minimum and maximum values on the y-axis using amCharts. You can also pick out the minimum or maximum values from a grouped set of data - e.g. you might want to chart the highest daily transaction from many transactions over a period of time.

But I think it is the first one that you are looking for here…
At the moment that is just on the Premium version but I am soon bringing it across to the free version. I am also close to launching another free chart plugin that will not have the watermark and is actually built on the same codebase as the Bubble native chart plugin (but it will be a little better).


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Thank you @exception-rambler !

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