Chat GPT API 400 http error

chatgpt api call fails, it just returns a 400 HTTP error. I don’t have the built-in function :formatted as JSON safe to parse the prompt content

Any help, please?

Click Arbitrary text, then click ‘more’ then select :formatted as JSON-safe. It looks like you’re trying to add a new expression after the Arbitrary text rather than adding the JSON-safe operator to the arbitrary text

I’d be very surprised if it’s not there. If
you’re convinced it’s not, submit a bug report

Try formatting the arbitary text as Json safe

Hello @georgecollier @ai14
Thanks I found it but still have a problem… when the Arbitrary text includes only one dynamic value, the call works well. However, when there are many, I get the same error.

Any help with this new error please?

It tells you the error… your message is too long….