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ChatGPT API Results As Data Table (JSON?)

Hello bubble community,

As a way to learn, I am trying to build a simple tool that could let users ask for movie suggestions (via OpenAI/ GPT3.5, filtering on type of movie, year, etc.).

I am clear about how to do the API calls, UI, etc. However, I would like the response to be a list with a few movies, and every returned movie having information with “Name”, “Year released”, “Country”, “Main actors”. I can ask GPT to structure the answer in a consistent JSON for instance but then I would have a JSON (list of movies with characteristics) in a JSON (results from OpenAI, saved as text in one variable) right?

How could I parse the movies list so that I can use it, and save it into a Bubble database? Is that the right way to approach this? Anyone would have seen tutorials about how to achieve what I am trying to?


See my example: Bubble-solutions | Bubble Editor

Jump to the tab - Uses cases - Create spreadsheet

Here you’ll find how to make a right request and save a response to DB

and have a look at this video if you want to avoid a Schedule API workflow:

That way will let you store a captured JSON file in DB