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ChatGPT + Bubble group

Hi all,

I am currently researching how best to fine tune and integrate ChatGPT into my Bubble application. I am interested to see who else in the Bubble community is looking to use ChatGPT and maybe we can start a slack group to share knowledge and information around it?

Since there was enough interest, feel free to join this slack group:


I would love to join this group.


Count me in. :slight_smile:

Would like to see what amazing things can be done with this stack.

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I am using GPT3 to generate essay feedback!


Yes I’m super keen to see what can be done here.

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Is there an api available?

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Oh and yeah please would love to join

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Yaay already built a plugin its under review… this is life changing I think Bubble team should also find a way to use it in the editor somehow 🫡. I think the fine tune model is not working rn from OpenAi side but lemme know if anyone has more info. Add me on Slack here: Join me on Slack – it’s a faster, simpler way to work. Sign up here, from any device:


I actually created a slack chat specifically for Bubble+ChatGPT discussions here if anyone wants to join:


Very interested…love to join


ChatGTP is just their more public focused app.

Dear friends, I have built my first bubble app just because of GPT. Was a great excuse to learn bubble and learn the openai API as well. These are very exciting times. Would love to join a slack group and exchange ideas.


Care to share what you built using it? Any tips?


I would really like to see where it goes.

This is an interesting one for me as well. I’m in

Hey all, we’ve created a fine tuned scoping tool, check it out :raised_hands:


Is it based on the GPT3 api?
Would love to see how you have build this. Looks amazing

This looks interesting, care to share any links or share your process? Some people are sharing their process in the slack channel.

Hi all. I kept toying with the OpenAI API and ways to display results in Bubble. Im really a beginner but thanks to Bubble tutorials was able to make some progress. Result is a super basic app but it serves its purpose, I wanted an app that I could use to demo to others on what the coming age of AI can do for intelligence analysis.

Please see result at

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There’s an alternative to OpenAI called AI21 Studio. Comparable to GPT-3 language model. I created a plugin for it: Text AI - AI21 Studio ChatGPT Plugin | Bubble