ChatGPT with Code Highlighting

Key Features:

:white_check_mark: Full Conversation History: See the complete dialogue, not just the latest response! Remember the starting point, follow the flow, and understand the context.

:white_check_mark: User & Assistant Differentiation: Clear visual distinction between user input and the assistant’s responses. Never confuse who said what!

:white_check_mark: Code Snippet Support: Code snippets are clearly formatted and displayed.

Plugin page: ChatGPT with Code Highlighting Plugin | Bubble

This plugin doesn’t rely on any third party services.

Comes with the API call to chatgpt and an element that displays the user and assistant messages and automatically formatting snippets of code within the response.

Demo: Bubble | No-code apps

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Would be willing to give a few people access to test and provide feedback.

Add ability to special text or app name to dialog element.

So, what answer gave ChatGPT about wiping? I am asking this for a friend.

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And right there is why ChatGPT is absolute garbage for any question that actually matters.


Right? Like who the hell sits while wiping??

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