🧠 [Free Plugin] Ez OpenAI & chatGPT plugin by EazyCode

Hey Bubblers, we published new Free OpenAI & chatGPT plugin that can help somebody to build their ideas to live

Ez OpenAI & chatGPT can:

Get list of OpenAi models available:

  • Returns list of model

Moderate text:

Edit Text:

Generate Images:

Generate Completion:

  • Answer questions based on existing knowledge.
  • Translates difficult text into simpler concepts.
  • Translate text into programmatic commands.
  • Create code to call the Stripe API using natural language.
  • Create tables from long form text by specifying a structure supplying some examples.
  • Find the time complexity of a function.
  • This is an advanced prompt for detecting sentiment. It allows you to provide it with a list of status updates and then provide a sentiment for each one.
  • Extract keywords from a block of text.
  • Turn a product description into ad copy.
  • Summarize text by adding a ‘tl;dr:’ to the end of a text passage.
  • This is a QA-style chatbot that answers questions about language models.
  • This is a basic prompt for detecting sentiment.
  • Turn a text description into a color.
  • Creates two to three sentence short horror stories from a topic input.
  • Open ended conversation with an AI assistant.
  • Create interview questions.
  • Turn a few words into a restaurant review.
  • Emulate a text message conversation.
  • Extract contact information from a block of text.
  • Create product names from examples words. Influenced by a community prompt.
  • Classify items into categories via example.
  • Translates English text into French, Spanish and Japanese.
  • Corrects sentences into standard English.
  • Write Email Answer.

Demo: https://ezcodedemo2.bubbleapps.io/version-test/openai

Editor Demo: https://bubble.io/page?version=test&name=openai&id=ezcodedemo2

Plugin: Ez OpenAI & chatGPT | Bubble

Feel free to contact us for any inquiries and we’ll be happy to find a solution for your ideas - https://ezcode.co

Hope you will like it !

Regards Pavel @ EazyCode team.


Hi @eazycode , I’m getting an error, need to include API key in the header. I have my API in the plugin?

Hey @cyriltdixon , in plugin you need to add your api key

Have you added it ?

Yes, API Key is added, also added to dev but same error

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@eazycode code I added the text “Bearer” before the API key(Sk-…" the same as in the editor demo you shared seems to have worked but now this error. “We could not parse the JSON body of your request.”

Hey @cyriltdixon , can you please share app with us ? so we can check from inside ? Or you can add [email protected] to your app as collaborator (we have agency acc so you don’t need to have paid plan)

Looking forward

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Hi. How can I get longer answers, the same as at https://chat.openai.com/chat. I have increased the maximum token count, but in my opinion they are of very different quality. Is there any way to fix this or does OpenAI give a different model from what they have on their site?

I have added you as a collaborator @eazycode hoe that works.
chatGPT workflows on the chatGPT page

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Hi there,

I’ve successfully installed your plug in, and connect to openai.

However, it seems that the raw response text is not being returned by the action. The other values for prompt, response and total tokens are being returned.

Is this a bug, or might I be doing something wrong?

(The token count values match what I get when I run it in my separate Python environment.)

Also, it appears that the default input paraments (except for prompt) are not being passed to OpenAI?


Hi @developer12 , can You verify what fields are you getting from openai response

I’m having the same problem.
Is your problem resolved?

oh nevermind.
i did:
(without quotes)
“Bearer sk-MyAPIKey…”


no still getting errors

hi @cyriltdixon , can you show Your WorkFlow where you make a Generate Completion action?

We must understand where(on what step) You get an error, If it hapens on step 2, so can You enter in Prompt Field some text data (ex. Question )?

so this Step

hey @cyriltdixon, on the first step Create a New ChatGPT what data You are adding? How it looks? Did You try it on the second step, enter manualy some text? Because error telling us that some thing is wrong in Your entered data.

I am getting error 400 wrong API request. I googled it, and it mainly comes from incorrect format and JSON prohibited characters being in the text that is sent to OpenAI for completion. I tried to use format as JSON ready, however it does not resolve the issue, in some cases does, but in some does not. Any idea on how to send 100% clean JSON ready text in a prompt?

Hello @vladlen.biz , Can you write text sentence(without quotes or other special caracters) in Prompt field of plugin and make a request?
In the meantime check out the official error documentation: