Check if two dates and time is equal or not

I want to display a popup on the screen using do when condition. but the condition I want to put is if the current/date time is equal to a certain date/time but, I can’t find any way to check both date and time.
Your help will really be appreciated.

There are a few way to do this…

But this simplest is to extract the Unix from both and compare the two.

Although, for your specific use case, I doubt that you actually want to compare two dates in this way… what are you trying to do?

what I specifically want i to display a review popup when a video conference is over. The end date/time is already stored in data base

How do you determine when/whether the video conference is over?

just from the stored date? or from it actually ending? (given that it might end earlier or later than the stored date)

just from the end date time in data base

In that case you need to check if the Current Date/Time is more than the stored date (not equal to it).

Just be aware that Date objects are static, and set at the moment they are defined…

Meaning they don’t update in real time.

If you need to compare the current date/time in real-time you’ll need to update the Current Date/time every second (or however many seconds is required) on the page, and use that value for the comparison.

You can do that with some simple JavaScript, existing Plugins, or just with a vanilla Bubble Do Every x Seconds workflow.

thanks for the insight. but wont these solution add more workflow units if im running them every second.
and if i use the current date time in do when condition it wont work ?

No… there are no WU costs involved with things like this.

and if i use the current date time in do when condition it wont work ?

Yes, it will work… but the date will be the one set at the time the condition was declared (which will most likely be when the page was loaded).

So, it depends if that is what you want or not.

Okay, Really appreciate your help @adamhholmes it was a great insight. Thank You

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