Check Today's Date vs date in database


How can I have a workflow that can check a “date” field in the database and see if that field is today or past this date?
It also should include the “time” as well.
I’ve tried using the following and none worked.

  • "Date" field in database > Current Date & Time
  • "Date" formatted as date and time is Current Date & Time

PS: I’m trying to use this in order to show a popup.

Does anyone know how to accomplish this?



Bump. Still trying to figure out a solution to this.

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Not sure does this help, but you can take a look on these forum posts.

Samson @ Plugin Developer
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  • Create a group in a hidden popup of type yes/no and call it “var- is current date greater than field date?” (var stands for “variable”)
  • Set this expression: current date rounded down to date > field date rounded down to date
  • The above should yield a yes or no value to the var
  • This var can now be used in other expressions

hey @taylor1 ,

it is a simple fix. you need to compare both dates in a date only format. So your workflow should look something like this:

note that I save the date in step 1 of the workflow but you should just replace that with the date saved in your database:

show popup only when
[date your are comparing to today’s date]:formatted as 6/19/22 is current date/time:formatted as 6/9/2022


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That was exactly what I meant. 4 years ago.

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Although I am at a loss now as then to understand why a simple > doesn’t suffice.

The adddition of both “:rounded to” and “:equals rounded to” makes date manipulation a little easier now.

Yes, thanks everyone! I was having trouble because i thought it was trying to match the exact time of day (which would have made it inaccurate), but apparently formatting it like @hanan1 suggested is what i needed :slight_smile:


A fairly recent addition is the “:equals rounded down to” function. Which does much the same thing.

“:equals rounded down to - day ”
“:equals rounded down to - hour ”
“:equals rounded down to - month ”

etc etc


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