Check Login Credentials Without Logging In

Hey Everyone…

Is there a way to check the email and password given by a user are correct without actually logging them in?

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You could log them straight back out again in the workflow ?

@NigelG… Yes I could, but I’m trying to make it all run as fast as possible, so I’d like to avoid a complete login and logout if there is a quicker way!

Aha !

I believe using the plugin Browser Storage could solve the challenge (with the encryption mode)

Hey @NigelG… thanks for that “aha” moment… but “check password for the current user” will require me to login in first, which I want to avoid…

And thanks for your idea @JohnMark… but I want to avoid using a plugin for this.

Any more ideas…?

Create your own cookie plugin or html call? You need to save on client browser private info and recall it back.

Here a long time later, but I agree that in a world of MFA, we need the ability to cleanly validate login credentials without fully committing to logging a user in. Please upvote my request for this: