Check this Video Out ( can anyone explain the weird behavior

Hi Bubblers

Can anyone explain this? I made a Video as its easier to show the Weirdness?


Hi @timgarrett111 :slight_smile: Hmm, that looks odd to me as well! If you refresh the page I’m assuming it doesn’t change your email address to what you edited and keeps it at “timgarrett333”? Or if you use a different browser does the same behavior occur?

Hello, It’s trap. If you click outside of input filed after you type, you can save correctly.

Hi Faye

I have tried Refreshing and it stays the same. I’ve even cleared my history ect, IV tried different browser also still no go.
Anymore ideas?

Hi Kei

Thanks for the reply but I just tried that and still does not save.

Any more ideas?

So odd, I think it’s a bug! But just to test, if you go to the Users table, instead of User’s modified table, and try to modify the entry there, is there any difference?

I don’t think data privacy roles affect the development editor at all, but just to see, are there any rules set up related to that account which would prevent you from modifying the data?

Hi Faye

Well, I ended up trying everything you suggested, and none of it worked, unfortunately!

So I deleted the record and then re-added it and now its all working perfectly.

Not sure what went on but it’s all working now.

Thanks so much for your help here. Cheers

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For the record (and so you don’t think you are crazy) I have experienced this too. Often kei’s suggestion of clicking outside the field before saving makes it work for me, but not 100% of the time. I would have submitted a bug but I am unable to explain steps to recreate.


Thanks mguerrasio

I’m glad it’s not just me, your reason for not submitting a bug is just the same as mine.


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