Database not recording manually entered values


I have a problem with the database when editing an item and adding values, they disappear right after being added and do not save. I refresh the page, try again, but it does not work (or when it does it’s randomly like 1 time out of 8).

Search it. It was likely saved.

I have run into the same problem and the entry was always entered.

It’s definitely not saving. The data disappears before my eyes. Opening the same object reveals the data has not changed. And changing the data would have an immediate effect on the UI, so it can be tested immediately.

I’ll try getting a screencast when it does that again. Right now it works as expected, but the issue happens now and then.

Yes I had this very same issue, was odd and frustrating to get round. Try closing out of the editor, logging out, clearing cache and then back in… hopefully that helps.

Can’t quite remember how I got round it. If you can capture it, well worth a bug report.


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