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Hii, I want that my submit button is click only 1 time and if I click on submit then either my check box is clicked or change the color of submit button
Please give me some idea on how to set conditions according to my requirement

  1. Use custom state (e.g. “color”). Set the custom state’s value as number.
  2. Then create a workflow, when Submit button is clicked change the value of the state to 1.
  3. In button properties use conditional tab. When states value (Color’s value) is 1, Background color = Green.

Could you please have a look and give me idea to write condition



Its working but when I refresh the page, it remove all this properties, like it will auto come in its previous color
I want to fix it, like if other login is open same page then also which color we fix after clicking on this button it remain same.

Custom State store values temporarily. When you refresh the page value is set to it’s default.

One workaround - You can use two buttons here. One “blue” is visible. Other “red” is invisible (both in same place). You can then hide and show element in the workflow (Element action > Hide, Show).

Other workarounds -
You can use database to set value permanently depending on the situation, I don’t know what it could be but you can change the value permanently that way too.

You can use url parameter as well to do this, I don’t know your use case but can do it that way too.

You can also change the condition based on other element’s visibility too. And you can also use other conditions too to set conditions for the button.

Please try all possible different ways to have the permanent solution that works for you.

Try something like this if current user is logging

  1. make one new field in the user table
  2. set workflow on button click event that is make changes to current user
    → “here your filed name” = 1
  3. set a condition on the button current user “here your filed name” is 1


what should I do :roll_eyes: ?

@aarti, wait.

Okay Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:@mikeloc

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