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Made the Button custom state stick once clicked


I thought I was trying to do something basic but I can’t figure a way to make the custom stake of my button to stick once you’ve clicked on it.
I would like to change the color of my button when somebody is clicking but I would like to keep this color (to show to the user that he “selected” the button), if the user would click a second time it would make the button change color again.

Any idea how I could make that happen ?

Thank you in advance !

Use custom states.

When you click the button, set a custom state to a value e.g. 1, then use the conditions to adjust its colour.

You can then have multiple action on the workflow that also look at the custom state value. and then manipulate it as appropriate.

I’ll go and knock up a demo for you…

Edit: Here you go…see the multicolor button on this page


Thank you very much Dave for your help and taking time to making this demo, it is really helpfull !

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