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Checkbox Issue - it doesn't communicate with database

Guys I have an issue with the checkbox.

I have Auto-bind option checked. When check box is checked for the first time it updates the database. However when I uncheck the box, it doesn’t communicate with the database.

Can you guys help me?

This is strange. Could you please share an image of your database structure and the setup you did in your checkbox?

Screen 1 - enabling autobinding

Screen 2 - I’ve added conditionals to make sure the checkbox worked both ways: Check & Uncheck.

Remove those conditions, they can generate conflict with the auto-bind setting…

In your privacy rules, do you have permission to auto-bind this field?

Funny. Checkbox not working both ways was the only reason I thought of adding conditionals. Now as I’ve removed those conditions it works perfectly. Thank you anyway :sunglasses: