Autobinding a yes/no field when unchecking a checkbox

I have a yes/no field with a default value of no.

I have a Checkbox with Autobinding. When the unchecked Checkbox is then checked, the autobinding works and the yes/no field is set to yes.

I then use Conditionals to show the Checkbox as Checked.

However, I cannot get the Autobinding to work when unchecking the checkbox. If I uncheck the checkbox, surely it should set the field to No?

I tried the same thing with “when input is changed” and could not get that to work either.

Any idea how to get the Checkbox to work when unchecking it?

well, I got the answer via @jamesdevonport on Twitter - just switch to Iconic Checkbox and it seems to work as expected.

No idea why the regular checkbox does not work, but there we go!

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