Checkbox unchecked not taken into account if pre-checked


i’ve got a weird behavior and I’m stuck with it since yesterday…
I have checkboxes. I want to store checked values in my list type field (in a thing).

As we can’t store directly checkboxes into a thing, I have to pass through another repeating group that contains only contents I want to store in my list field (described here in an old video when minusitem didn’t exist)

I’ve recorded a video so that you can see everything:

Works great if no data already in database (if no checkbox is already check when I open the popup)

  • repeating group takes good values
  • repeating group is updated if I check or uncheck

Doesn’t work if checkboxes are already checked:

  • the repeating group has the good values from database
  • checking a checkbox is considered and updates repeating group
  • but unchecking is not considered

If someone sees something I haven’t, that would be great.
If you think also that’s a bug, I will refer to support.


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I am having very similar issue. Have not seen any helpful solutions on here either. It seems like there is no good way to check items in a repeating group and store that selected list to a database.

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