How to save data from checkboxes in a repeating group please?

Hi Bubblers,
I am a newbie on the platform and I am facing what I think it’s a basic issue for most of your guys. I am making a form and I would like the users to select multiples choices by checking one or several checkboxes and save them in the database

The element circled in red is a repeating group with checkboxes displaying option sets (accessories, garnments, nutrition and other) that are the value that I want to save in the database by checkin the boxes.

I have settled a custom state and put this workflow hereunder, but it keeps saving all the values either or not I check the box

I will highly appreciate your help !

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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According to the special case, is it possible for me to access the editor?
You can create a test app with the same conditions and give me access to it.