Checking custom state with list of answers

I’m creating a quizz and I’m stuck … I would like the user to select multiple answers from a repeating group and only being able to go to the next question if he/she selects the right answers.

I’ve a data type “question” with my questions (text) and the right answers (list of answers) and a data type “answers” with the answers (text) and the questions (question).

When the user clicks on an answer from the repeating group it adds it to the custom state “Selected” (:plus item).

I’m then stuck with the expression to compare the custom state “Selected” items with the list of right answers when the user clicks on the “Check” button. How can I write it ? I’m going crazy here …

Many thanks !

On the check button, add a workflow to go to the next question, but add an “only when” condition to the workflow. The condition should look something like: Only When “selected” equals current page’s questions’s answers.

Let me know if this works,

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