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Checking First part of a postcode against my data


I cant seem to work out how to check that the first part of a postcode is in my “area”.

I have data type named “area” and a field “Postcode” which contains the postcodes i cover.
On sign up i want to check that the “Start of postcode” Input is in the list of my data Area/postcodes and if it is not then pop up appear stating “i dont cover that area etc”.

I have been trying to do it through Only When on the “sign the user up” workflow with no success.
It seems easy in my head, Check input against DB and continue or pause and popup if fails. I just cant seem to get it.

Thanks for your time in advance


Add a popup that you will never open
Place a group of type yes/no and call it “does this post code exist?)
Add to the data source: search postcodes constrained for the inputted poscode first entry is not empty
Use this group as a condition to run or not the rest of your signup flow

Using the popup will always load all of its contents on the page. The search will run instantly if the postcode object is light (few fields and especially NO list fields in it)

Worked perfectly thanks very much for your help

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