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Checking unique username in database and returning alert

I’m creating a form to register users in the database, however, one of the entries is to insert the “username” and next to it, an icon/button to check if the “username” is available, all this before sending the final form . I cannot find events and actions for this function. The purpose is, after verification, to signal if the name is available or if it needs to be changed.

Thank you!

Sorry for any misunderstandings in the English text.

Hi there, @disanto… you haven’t specified exactly what is supposed to happen when the username check is performed (although, you do mention an alert in the title of your post), so here is a quick workflow example where an alert is displayed if a username is found that matches the username that has been input into the field on the form.

Does that make sense? Hope it helps.


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Perfect! @mikeloc
I understand how to structure, thank you very much.

Then I tried to configure 2 alerts, “username available” and “username unavailable” and it was giving an error, searching here I believe it was the permission in the database, as it worked after I enabled the item in “privacy - default permissions”.

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