Unique username conditionals not working

I have the conditional set to search for usernames already in database so the new user cant use an already taken username, but the text wont turn red when live texts value is a username in the database already. Not sure what is going wrong? need help! thx!

Hi there, @zacharynelson0… your issue is likely related to the default privacy rule on the User data type, so check out that link and see if it helps.


thanks for the response! is this what you are referring to? it says it is checked for the usernames

Yes, that is the rule, and it prohibits users from being able to see other users’ data. Your issue is that you are trying to let a user who is not logged in (or even signed up yet) find other users in searches and see their username field so the username count can be evaluated. So, you would have to check the Find this in searches box and the Username box for everyone else (which is just below what you are showing in the screenshot).

Yes that fixed it! Thank you so much!!

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