Choosing an API type (please help)

Hello guys,

I’m trying to build out a games app using bubble and a bunch of APIs. While I haven’t figured most of it out, I’m quite certain it’s doable.

So, I’m done with the design stages of my app and now getting started on the workflows and logic bits.

One of the APIs I plan on using can be found here:

My question is, which of the development platform do I choose when integrating with Bubble. I am being asked to make a pick for my build on Bubble. I’m quite new to Bubble obviously and just about getting started on Bubble’s API Connector.

I’ll appreciate if anyone can point me in the right direction.


Your best bet is JS/HTML5. At a glance it looks like it will be a challenge, as it’s JS heavy, but might be possible:

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Hi @pier2design,

Thanks for taking the time out in checking this out.

I also figured I’d have to go the JS route. I’ve been checking out their APIs for a few week and I also agree this would be quite a challenge.

Quick question @pier2design - how do I go about using the JS API for my bubble app?

Would implementations have to go through my Bubble API Connector area or would I need to also mess around modifying some JS snippets from the API guys?

Thanks again for your time.

There are two routes you could try:

  1. Build it all out in Postman first without using any JS

Basically open their App42*.js file, figure out what the API call really is, and try to replicate it in Postman to see if you can get a result. The goal would be to get it out of JS entirely.

  1. Integrate the JS.

Put the JS include in the HEAD section of your page properties (found at the bottom), then use the plugin Toolbox in Bubble to initialize the JS in a “on page load” event.

Either way, it’s going to be a challenge.

Thanks @pier2design

I’ll definitely be spending the coming days exploring both options.


js is not a good idea here… well until bubble release access to running server side code… the client will have your credentials and a new high score in a heart beat.

Hey @jarrad - Thanks for the input.

So, you’d recommend I’d get around this by running edits via Postman as @pier2design suggested?


Or would it be recommended I’d build a player achievement feature and leaderboard feature from ground up using Bubble?

I reckon that would put a stretch on my Bubble experience :smiley:

i would be leveraging bubble to make my own… get inventive, whats the game type?

It’s a Trivia web game app with a few twists @jarrad

defiantly build it in bubble, more enjoyable, more control, more fun. PM me the app name when your ready, i will give you a tool that all bubble games should have… be great to see a working complete version in the forum when your done.

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Thanks a bunch for the encouraging words, @jarrad :slight_smile:

I hear you on the bit about having lots of control on my web app. I thought about wrangling together lots of APIs to get it up and running and it felt like I would be at the mercy of a whole bunch of folks.

I’ll definitely get these handled using Bubble.


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