Choosing Colors, Images, Icons from a dropdown or popup

Hey bubble community! I just started using bubble this week and could use some help. I’m practicing with small projects that I eventually want to combine into a larger app. But for now, just keeping it simple.

I’m working on a simple habit tracking app. My current conundrum is how I can let users assign an icon (right now an image) to their habit. My habit data type includes a field of data type icon.

My data type icon has one field of image. I uploaded 6 images on the backend. In the icon field below, I have it set to display a random icon from the list.


When a user clicks/taps on the icon, a repeating group appears with an image in each cell and the dynamic image set to “Search for Icons:item #Current cell’s index’s Image”


From here I want the user to be able to click on one of the 6 images to have that image display next to “Habit Name” input field and become that habit’s icon when the user completes the rest of the form and clicks “Save” and appear within the main page. (just set to random for now)

I would love to apply this skill to any sort of user selection such as colors, actual icons, and more.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Hello. Sorry as im on mobile atm but i did something similar to this but with a keypad and numbers. If you lookfor a tutorial with keypads, the concept should be similar. It uses custom states to transfer your selection from RG to an input field.

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@joseph.farinhas Thanks for the reply. I wasn’t able to find any keypad tutorials but I found a solution after watching this tutorial about setting custom states.

Now I need to figure out calendar functionality and linking these habits to ongoing dates instead of a static “Day of the week”.


Looking good @lemiszach have you tried messing with the full calendar plugin? That is the calendars I use and they have some pretty good settings to play around with.

EDIT: you cant specifically say which day of the week you want the events. You can however set frequencies. for example every two days. every 4 days. every week etc.

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