Link popup data to user credentials


As part of my user signup flow the user has to select 1 photo from 6 option.

Screenshot 2020-07-23 at 14.35.15

I would like them to click a button and be presented with a popup that has the 6 options in it, like this:

The workflow I envisaged was something like this:

When user clicks on photo, set user’s cover photo to chosen photo.

But I can’t figure out how to get this to work. Any ideas? :neutral_face:

Hello. You need to create a field in the User data tab where his/her profile picture is stored. Then you need to create a workflow "When current cell’s Pic is clicked, make change to “Current User’s Photo”. (This works if you are storing the options in the database)

Check this example:

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Thanks @grace.hallak :slight_smile:

Unfortunately the process I’m going for is slightly different. The popup has 6 photos to choose from.

When the user clicks on the cover photo I would like to change their cover photo to that one they’ve just selected.

But I can’t do that. There is no option to change the cover photo field when I click on any of the 6 photos :neutral_face:

Yeah I noticed that when I was trying to do it your way. So you are using 6 image elements and each of them has a different picture. I couldn’t figure it out or maybe it is impossible. I think using a repeating group and saving the 6 pictures in the database is a good solution for now. Or you can use option sets. I have added another popup that uses option sets. Take a look:

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@grace.hallak thank you so much - that will work perfectly for me :slight_smile: Superstar!

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You can put invisible shapes over each picture and then have a workflow behind each shape. When the user clicks the pic they are really clicking the shape, and the clicked shape will tell you which picture was chosen.

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Also an excellent workaround :slight_smile: Thank you @deadpoetnsp

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